Jumat, 07 Juli 2017

Proportion of Life

It is something.
To have the ability to feel happiness in someone’s laughter,
To have the ability to feel pain in someone’s suffering,
Because life has its proportion.
That is what people called, the balances.

We have all been there,
The world againsts us,
The circumstances blame us,
The closests disappear one by one,
The dreams faded slowly,
We get hurt easily with all the little things like school, movies, books, strangers, and the one that we love the most.
We start to hate every single thing that distracts us,
Like the bitterness that we made in our own coffee,
The weather that feels so cold which can freeze our body and the next second feels so hot which can burn our soul,
The rowdiness of all the things around us,
Seeing ourself in the mirror is one of the thing that we hate.
We pour, pour, and pour everything that we feel until we realize how empty we are.
And we punish ourself for every loss.

We think the only way that could end all of this is slipping away,
And so we can get rid of all the things that hurt us.
And soon when we go back,
We realize, it all means nothing.

As human beings, it is okay to feel the pain.
Because the pain demands to be felt.
The world seems so unfair to us but we know it also does to another.
Apparently, we are just a dust within the galaxy that looking for happiness.
Some are finding their happiness in foods,
Some are finding their happiness in books,
Some are finding their happiness in grades,
in make ups,
in business,
in nature,
in the sweetness of their coffee,
in someone’s laughter,
in relationship with God, family, and the one that they love.
The truth is, there are so many ways to be happy, we only have to choose our own way.
But in the other side, we give up when the things don’t work.
So let me tell you about life’s paradox;
You will get hurt for doing the right things and you will get hurt if you don’t.
So, it is your choice.

We all knew,
Sometimes we envy to see someone’s perfect life, yet we forgot that perfect is just a word.
Sometimes we hate ourself for not being good enough, yet we forgot we already did our best.
Sometimes we think this world gives us so much pain, yet we forgot we got the lessons.
Sometimes we feel everyone avoids us, yet we forgot how to come closer.
Sometimes we fear too much about the things, yet we forgot how to believe.
And sometimes we forgot, we are all just human.

Try to accept things
Try to make a peace with the past
Try to learn the mistakes
Try to let everything goes by the time
Try to forgive others
Try to bring happiness
Try to share a smile
Try to pray for people
And, try to love ourself first.

And after a while
We learn
That we really can endure
That we are really strong
That we really do have worth
And we learn and we learn
With every good bye we learn.

I write to tell you this,
This vapidity of life needs to be peppered, just relax and feel its sensation.
No, it is not forever to feel the sensation, it is just for while. Do not be scared.
This vapidity of life also needs the sweetness, you must be like this one.
But hey, no, it is not forever. Do not let yourself be lulled.
Everything in this world is temporary.
Sometimes we are in the dark, but it is okay because there will be a light.
And sometimes we are in the bright side, but hey watch out.
In fact, it is always in proportion.
So, when you think the things don’t work out like what you want, it will work out for what you need.
You just have to trust that it will.
And that is how we heal.

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